Best Portable Spa & Salon Chairs | Barber Chairs for Sale Reviews

Whenever you run a business you need to take care of the customer demands. If you run a parlor, then having proper furniture, especially chairs is the minimum requirement. It’s not only for the sake of the customer but also for the growth of your business. Therefore, spa & salon chairs prove to be a great addition to the place. Coming in various, designs, shapes as well as sizes, you will never fall short of options. It is indeed a classy addition that no one can ignore and the comfort is pretty high.

Want to know what’s more exclusive about these chairs? Then all the points are given below for you to judge.

Table of the Best Spa & Salon Chairs Reviews

10. Artist Hand Hydraulic Reclining Barber Chair – Hair Styling Salon Chair Spa Equipment

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A barber chair is of such components that the end result should be comfortable to the user. Plus, highly accessible to the barber. With the Artist Hand reclining spa & salon chair, neither of the two should be a matter of worry to you. This chair is delivered in parts and requires assembly. However, it is so easy that it’ll take you a maximum of 15 minutes if you are good at assembling.

The chair is capable of a 360⁰ swivel along its axis. This allows the barber to reach out easily to all the spots and give proper grooming. It also stands on a hydraulic setup that allows height adjustment. Finally, the height is adjustable easily over a range of 6-inches.

Key Features:

  • The seat has a high-density foam cushion covered in black PU leather.
  • This chair is built on a sturdy frame and has a loading capacity of 330 lbs.
  • Artist Hand Salon Chair is certainly reclined back up to an angle of 135⁰.
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9. All Purpose Reclining Barber Chair Salon Spa Barberia Beauty Hydraulic Pump Barbershop Equipment

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The hydraulic spa & salon chair by Ohana gives off a luxurious feel to your salon. It is a terrific chair made from heavy-duty materials to last for a long time. This impressive chair has high-density foam cushions which give the user a very comfortable experience. The chair is capable of 360⁰ swivel which is an advantage for the barber. Furthermore, it is reclined back and set at several locking positions.

As a matter of fact, it is done by using a gas piston mechanism which is excruciatingly easy to use. It features a double reinforced saddle that will certainly not wear or tear.

Key Features:

  • The body of the chair is wrapped in PVC leather and has a stainless steel armrest.
  • It features adjustable height upon a hydraulic stand and is adjusted between a 4-inches range.
  • The maximum load this chair can withstand is 446 lbs.

8. BarberPub Classic Styling Salon Chair for Hair Stylist – Antique Hydraulic Barber Chair – Beauty Spa Equipment

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If you own a salon and want to impregnate a chic feel into its décor, then the Barberplus styling chair is what you should go for. It stands on a 23-inches heavy chrome base that gives it tremendous stability. The chair is designed fashionably and mimics a grand style in its white leather-like vintage design.

Besides, the retro look is brought upon a PVC leather structure and indeed looks great. The white leatherette material covers thick, high-density memory foam which is applied on the seat cushions, upholstery, and armrest.

Key Features:

  • The classic spa & salon chair is turned around a complete 360⁰ making it very handy for the barber.
  • Features a strong base ensures that the chair can carry up to 330 lbs without any mishap.
  • The hydraulic stand is adjustable by the press of a handle. The height adjustment is in a range of 6.3-inches.

7. BarberPub Classic Hydraulic Barber Chair Salon Beauty Spa Styling Chair

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The BarberPlus chair is a simple chair design that you can put up in your barbershop or salon. This chair does not show brilliance in design but is superb to use. In fact, this handy chair stands on a 23-inches chrome circular base allowing it to withstand as much as 330 lbs of load. The salon chair features a classic design and is loaded with armrests and footrests.

This chair comes in parts but assembly is so easy that it is done by anybody in just minutes. As a matter of fact, the spa & salon styling chair features an aluminum alloy pedal that is further chromium plated.

Key Features:

  • The bottom lever is accessible by your feet and is used to adjust the height of the chair.
  • It has a 360⁰ swivel feature along its axis loaded with a locking mechanism for the barber’s convenience.
  • The carrying capacity of 330 lbs is extremely impressive.
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6. Danyel Beauty Professional Hydraulic Barber Chair

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The Danyel professional spa & salon chair is the ultimate chair for the most modern barber or salon setups. It ideally has a great convenience at such places. The plush cushion is lined with white-colored faux leather giving the chair a pleasant, warm feel. The chair has armrests and footrests for the user’s convenience. Having a heavy-duty frame to support the chair, it looks extremely classy and is pretty sturdy.

However, the rotatable spa & salon chair features small cell high-density foam for increasing the comfort level. In fact, adjusting the height plus locking it at a place is even easier.

Key Features:

  • It is rotated on the axis of its stand a full 360⁰.
  • The chair stands on a sturdy, round, heavy-duty metal pedestal that improves its stability.
  • The hydraulic pump and strong base are protected by a one-year warranty.

5. BarberPub Classic Styling Salon Chair for Hair Stylist Hydraulic Barber Chair

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If you are thinking of setting up a modern-looking barbershop or salon, it calls for furniture items that share a modern appeal. The Barberpub Classic 8821 is one such item with a very modern look and feel. Besides, the whole setup is based on squares. The chair stands on a square heavy-duty metallic base that gives this chair a high degree of stability.

Moreover, the seat is also square and has a lot of surface area for a comfortable experience. Lastly, the strong base and sturdy frame ensure a capacity of 330 pounds on the chair.

Key Features:

  • Its height is adjustable by means of a hydraulic setup up to a range of 6-inches.
  • The chair is rotated a complete 360⁰ and the position locked in between rotation to make way for easy access.
  • It sports anti-skid pedals made from chromium layered aluminum alloy.

4. BarberPub Classic Recliner Barber Chair Heavy Duty Hair Spa Salon

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The Babrberpub Classic 3126 Salon Chair is of high-grade materials. In fact. It is wonderful companions to salons, barbershops, tattoo parlors, and so on. This is a very comfortable chair lined with soft foam for a comfortable experience. The backrest is reclined to an angle of 130⁰ with multiple locking mechanisms using gas pistons.

This ensures easy reclining and better access during haircuts. The chair sits on a hydraulic stand that has the feature of adjustable height. Finally, the bottom lever is pressed to automatically increase or decrease the height of the chair up to a range of 5-inches.

Key Features:

  • The backrest and the seating area are covered in soft bi-cast leather material which is super convenient to clean.
  • This is a sturdy chair that is destined to service for a long time and has a one-year warranty backing.
  • 360 swivel mechanism coupled with multiple locking mechanisms ensures the best utilization of the swivel.
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3. Barber Chair Salon Chair Styling Chair Heavy Duty Beauty Salon Barber Swivel Chairs

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If you wanted a sturdy barber chair with a stylish design you should try the BestSalon Barber Chair. This is an ergonomically designed chair to give the user maximum comfort. The high-density sponge seat is covered in PU foam to give the chair a sophisticated touch. Plus, it stands on a rugged chrome steel base and has a heavy-duty frame. This ensures that the chair can sustain heavy loads without any damage. Plus, is going to serve you for a long time to come.

Given that, it includes a footrest to rest your legs. The chassis is fully stainless steel, therefore, no rust as well as no slipping.

Key Features:

  • The seat is comfortable and large and covers an ample surface area for comfortable seating.
  • Adjusting the seat height anywhere between 18.5-inches and 23-inches from the ground for the convenience of the barber.
  • Easily adjust the seat height by the simple press of a handle with your foot and needs no hassle.

2. Mefeir Styling Chair Beauty Hair Salon Equipment

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A salon chair should have many excellent criteria to be termed excellent and this chair checks good on all. This heavy-duty stainless steel-made chair is so sturdy and it can take as much as 330 lbs of weight. The chair easily rotates 360⁰ on an axis allowing you ease of access. It features a very comfortable, wide, cushiony seating area allowing the seater to relax.

Also loading with armrests and footrest for the convenience of the user. The adjustment of the hydraulic pump can be in a 6-inches range to adjust the height of the chair above the ground.

Key Features:

  • The hydraulic pump attached to this chair comes with a one-year warranty.
  • Assembling this chair from the materials is a breeze.

1. Baasha Beauty Pink Salon Hydraulic Styling Chair

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When you buy a salon chair for your barbershop it should be such that it is comfortable for the customer. The chair should also be able to maximize accessibility for you otherwise there is no point in the chair. The Baasha Beauty Salon Chair is one such unit that is high in comfort as well as functionality.

It is laden in soft foam and covered in pink material that gives it a chic look. Armrests and footrest are attaching to the chair construction to rest the body parts. The chair also features a hydraulic pump that ensures easy set up of height for the chair.

Key Features:

  • It is excellent and comfortable allows for a full 360⁰ swivel thus allowing you to get any angle in your styling endeavor.
  • The chair is of a heavy-duty steel frame that ensures a very long life.
  • Thick density foam increases the comfort of the product.

Install a spa & salon chair in your parlor and give your customers much-deserved comfort. It certainly creates a good impression of your parlor.

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