Best Portable Salon Shampoo Bowls | Hair Washing Sinks Reviews

If you own a spa or a salon, you know the importance of salon shampoo bowls. Shampoo bowls allow you to take proper care of your client’s hair. It allows you to wash your hair without causing any discomfort to the client. A lot of space will not be occupied and it will look perfect at any given location. These are extremely sturdy and certainly, have exquisite features that will make day-to-day jobs easy. It will not have any stains and so will look as good as new always.

The salon shampoo bowl’s buying guide will lead you in the correct way and you never again have to go through a long list before buying anything.

Table of the Best Salon Shampoo Bowls Reviews

10. OMWAH Portable Beauty Salon Shampoo ABS Plastic Bowl Sink

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The plastic salon shampoo bowl is the one that is high in convenience and comfort. OMWAH creates one such shampoo bowl for spas and salons which has a high degree of functionality. The Shampoo Bowl by OMWAH features a unique square design and suitable, small dimensions. This bowl is from a high-quality plastic material. It comes with accessories of heavy-duty steel and sure to last long even after harsh use.

All the materials facilitate cleaning without any trouble. Every bit of paraphernalia you require for giving a hair wash comes with the shampoo basin.

Key Features:

  • An impressive feature of this shampoo bowl is the convenient, round, and comfortable neck rest of silica gel.
  • Wastewater flows into a draining basket to be discarded off later on.
  • This basin comes with inlets for both cold and hot water and thus used during cold seasons too.
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9. AW Shampoo Bowl – Neck Rest Beauty Salon Equipment Hair Basin

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A shampoo basin with a large working area comes in handy oftentimes. You can add the AW Shampoo Bowl to your salon for a larger working area. The interior of the bowl measures perfect and provides enough area for a comfortable washing experience. It uses polypropylene material with a glossy black finish. The material is resistant to corrosion and a great companion for long time use.

As a matter of fact, this bowl is a great washing area even for homes. This is indeed a wall-mounted salon shampoo bowl that fully has a T-bar installation.

Key Features:

  • Come with an excellent and effective hair trap that prevents loss of contact lenses, jewelry items, and so on.
  • The neck rest is of comfort gel and it is completely waterproof.
  • The drain pipe helps to pass out the water easily.

8. Saloniture Portable Salon Shampoo Sink with Drain

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A piece of classy equipment for shampooing is what your salon needs to up its charm. The Saloniture height adjustable salon shampoo bowl is classy and highly functional when it comes to hair cleansing. It can adjust in any manner to give the customer the most comfortable hair wash. The bowl stands on a sturdy pedestal with a diameter of 1 ½-inches.

Moreover, it also has wide 5 point legs spanning a diameter of 22-inches and the washbasin immense support. The sink is pretty large in size and you will face no issues in placing your head.

Key Features:

  • Saloniture Shampoo Bowl has a height-adjustable feature. The height can adjust anywhere between 39-inches and 55-inches according to the user’s requirement.
  • The basin bowl has the ability to tilt to assume a comfortable position for the user.
  • This washbasin is from durable composite ABS material. The material remains stain-free.

7. Saloniture Salon Basin Shampoo Sink with Drain

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If you were looking for a lightweight mechanism for shampooing in your salon, you can try the Saloniture portable salon shampoo basin. The bowl is lightweight and thus easily transferrable. It comes with all the essential features that you require for giving a good hair cleaning experience. Also, it is from durable and stain-resistant ABS composite material.

The portable bowl is extra large for the easiest handling of your client’s hair. Next, it stands on a very durable and robust metallic stand. The bowl structure ends in 5 point legs covering 20-inches in diameter that gives it when you are using it.

Key Features:

  • The bowl can tilt to practically any angle to allow your clients to rest their heads comfortably.
  • This shampoo bowl is height adjustable anywhere between 33-inches to 48.5-inches from the ground for extra convenience.
  • The water hose is 62-inches long making it very accessible.
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6. Nova Microdermabrasion Salon Shampoo Bowls

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If you are looking for a dependable shampoo bowl to prop up in your salon, you could give Nova Microdermabrasion a try. This fantastic stainless steel salon shampoo bowl also has ABS plastic giving it terrific properties. In fact, it has injection-molded plastic that gives strength to it. The bowl is scratch-resistant and does not take stain. It cleans in just seconds which is convenient between two appointments.

Given that, the lightweight sink will easily fit at any place. And you can carry it around if you are a traveling artist. You can also fix it in your salon if you find that convenient. The sink draws support from a stainless steel stand ending in stable, five-pointed legs for extra support. This ensures that the sink stays in position as you give a wash.

Key Features:

  • The bowl has a large working area measuring up to 19-inches in length x 15-inches-20-inches width x 10-inches in depth.
  • The flexible drain hose is ribbed and the passage of water is done smoothly.
  • Height of the steel stand can vary between 37-inches up to 54-inches from the ground.

5. eMark Wall-Mounted Shampoo Bowl – Black Salon Sink for Hair Stylists 

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The eMark Beauty Tilting Shampoo Bowl will be an impressive and effective addition to your salon. This bowl is of small dimensions and can easily fit into the smallest of salons. As a matter of fact, the mechanisms allow the bowl to hang from a wall and save space. It has inlets for hot and cold water.

The bowl uses strong ABS composite material and is not likely to get scratches. It can also tilt to a wide array of angles. This helps in accommodating it with different salon chairs or different heights of the individual customers.

Key Features:

  • Washbasin comes with a gel neck rest that fits the contours of any user’s neck easily.
  • The ABS plastic construction makes this washbowl not only attractive but also highly resistant and durable.
  • The stain-resistant surface of the bowl is very easy to clean using water.

4. Koval Inc. Shampoo Bowl with Faucet Neck Rest Hair Trap

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Koval Inc. creates an amazing shampoo bowl and helps give your customers a mesmerizing experience. Shampoo bowls are made from polypropylene material and then layered with a high-end, super glossy, black finish. The PP material is very resilient and does not take scratches.

Furthermore, the dark finish ensures that the basin always remains stain-free and is very easy to clean. This shampoo bowl is permanently installed into any salon using a T-bar. It is safe to use and very durable. Its lovely aspects are certified by the CUPC.

Key Features:

  • Neck rest made from the gel is water-resistant and highly comfortable as customers rest their necks.
  • The drain has a hair trap installed to catch jewelry items, contact lenses, and other such possessions.
  • A pretty large bowl that will certainly provide sufficient workspace to the users.
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3.  Chrome Cherry Mobile Salon Inflatable Basin for Washing Hair in Bed and at Home

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Have you ever wondered what is better than having a dedicated basin for shampooing? You have to always be dependent on this bowl for your shampooing experience. However, with the Chrome Cherry Mobile Salon Basins, you can allow such worries to rest. This is an amazing shampoo corner and the best thing is that it is portable.

You can carry it anywhere and have a shampoo wash anywhere you wish to be it in a salon, on a drive, or in your home. The body of this impressive wash tray is streamlined. It has adjustable flaps such that the water always has flown down into the sink, bucket, or any collecting device.

Key Features:

  • The shampoo tray is inflatable and is easily blown out whenever required.
  • Comfort cushion has a variable position and can adjust for optimum neck support and comfort.
  • Helps in neatly doing the entire task and the water will drain out easily.

2. Icarus”Streamline” Black Beauty Salon Sink Bowl

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Icarus Streamline Shampoo Sink is a crafty shampoo bowl that adds charm to a spa. It is constructed out of ceramic and displays a flamboyant black glossy finish. This shampoo bowl is crafted into a sleek design that immediately looks attractive. It has a tilted bowl that adds both to the looks and to the comfort of this unit.

The shampoo bowl is just 23-inches wide and is super convenient. It takes up only a small corner of your salon. In fact, the chrome faucet looks aesthetic and sophisticated.

Key Features:

  • The ceramic material is resistant to stains and very easy to clean.
  • The shampoo bowl is fixed to the plumbing of your salon area.
  • This shampoo bowl stands at a very comfortable height of 37-inches from the ground.

1. Mefeir Black Portable Shampoo Sink – Salon Hair Washing Bowl

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Giving a comfortable hair wash is what makes salons such a desirable option. The MefeirShampoo Basin is a great candidate for all hair washing and hair coloring endeavors. It has a compact manner and features a small size, this puts up easily on any corner even in small salons.

It is crafted with a rounded neck rest that gives it an edge in comfort over other shampoo basins. The height of this flexible bowl is easily adjusted to suit the customer’s height and comfort. It is locked with a plug that holds the washed water and is easily cleared using a drain hose.

Key Features:

  • It has a sturdy pedestal and the whole link is fully going to be stain-free.
  • Shampoo bowl crafted out of great quality ABS composite material.
  • The bowl is adjusted at an angle in the front or in the back according to your requirements.

A business so always is well-decorated and most importantly, well equipped. A gorgeous salon shampoo bowl and chair will sit perfectly in your salon and will look amazing anyway.

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