Best Outdoor Adjustable Roller Skate Shoes for Kids Reviews

Kids are all about trying new activities, sports and niche every now and then. Some are inclined towards dance or painting, while others are more into sports. Thus, roller skate shoes are one cool thing that your kids will absolutely love. Excelling in the art of skating, these shoes are fun for every kid. To make these look more interesting, they are integrated with LED lights. Plus, the shoes can be used for simple walking as well as skating.

Well, the features are uncountable but which one is the best? Well, here is a full list of top-rated roller skate shoes that every kid will admire once they get it.

Table of the Best Roller Skate Shoes Reviews

10. Nsasy Kids Roller Shoes with Wheel Girls Boys

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Nsasy brings a fantastic pair of roller shoes that has a unique design, attractive enough to catch your kid’s attention. It is a versatile pair since it doubles as a sneaker as well. When your child just has to walk or run around, they can use it as a well-built sneaker pair. It has tough rubber soles that are resistant to wear and tear. Many times, your child may feel like they want to glide over the pavements or at the front of your garage. Thus, the shoe has a switch which can instantly pop out the hind wheel.

Furthermore, the front wheel can be detached and assembled within seconds and has a secure fit with the shoe. The shoe is lined with LED lights that are very eye-catching. As a matter of fact, it makes your child look like a rockstar when they are rolling around on these shoes. The LED lights aren’t monotonous, have multiple colours and also support blink action.

Plus, the insides of the shoe have a switch that can control switching the lights on and other features. The shoes are made of a light and breathable material that allows good air circulation to keep your kid comfortable. So, gift your child the Best gift they deserve in the coming holidays.

Key features:

  • Batteries come with the LED roller skate shoes.
  • Available in multiple sizes and colours, there’s a pair for everyone
  • The cleaning process is indeed easy with the soft cloth.
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9. SDSPEED Sports Roller Skate Shoes with Single Wheel for Kids

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These roller skating shoes from SDSPEED look magnificent and have a distinct style to them. They are sleek, have the amazing build quality and can be used for purposes other than skating. With just the push of a button at the back, you can hide or pop up the wheel that is located at the heel. Thus, the roller skate shoes with retractable wheels will become your Best friend. So besides skating your child can use it for running, walking, playing and other outdoor activities.

Plus, the LED lights also have a different style of operation than other skating shoes. They have motion and shock sensing abilities. So whenever your kid is running around or moving about in these shoes the lights turn on. Otherwise, they conserve battery power when no activity is performed.

Key features:

  • Battery life can last you up to 90 days.
  • Indeed has a unisex design.
  • LED lights can be completely switched off or turned off by a switch.

8. Heelys Propel 2.0 Skate Shoes for Kids

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Heelys always makes great skating shoes and the Propel 2.0 is no different. These are great shoes for outdoor fun and can be worn by athletes and casual joggers as well. They are made of extremely high-quality and durable material for the upper body. This makes it resistant to a lot of abuse. Thus, you can do all sorts of intense running, jumping or squatting exercises in these.

Furthermore, you get a traditional subsystem in the front with strong lacing that makes the shoe hug your feet perfectly. It comes with adequate padding on both the inside collar and tongue, keeping your feet comfy even after long durations. Since it is made of a breathable material, the air has no problems passing through it.

So you don’t easily build a sweat in your feet and bad odours have a lower chance of occurring. The bottom of these shoes is sufficiently vulcanised so that it offers great flexibility when you are doing complex exercises and are high on adrenaline. Moreover, the rubber outsole is also heavily toughened up to last you for a long time. Thus, it maintains a perfect grip over the terrain.

But the Best feature about them is obviously the wheel which can be easily popped out or put on to get smoothly rolling to your destination.

Key features:

  • This skater rollerblades shoe indeed has a black body with neon logo and highlights look amazing.
  • The wheel is stealthy and when not in use the hollow portion can be hidden.
  • Comes with a tool to pop out the wheel.

7. Heelys Launch Skate Shoe for Adults and Kids


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Heelys Launch Skate looks and feels like any other casual shoes until you pop out the wheel at the back. It is made of soft and comfy material and equips your growing kit with a stealthy and fashionable look. Being fully manufactured in the USA, it features a synthetic sole.

Furthermore, it is a low-top sneaker and even promotes a lace-up as well as striped midsole design. Being a lightweight shoe perfect for aspiring athletes, its heel is where the stealth wheel is situated.

Key features:

  • The wheel is certainly removable.
  • Flexible for many activities.
  • An affordable and high-quality product.
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6. VMATE LED Light Up Roller Skate Shoes with Double Wheels for Boys & Girls

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These shoes come with an innovative design that lets you make it normal flat shoes or fashionable skating shoes. The back wheel is pushed out with just a press of a button. And the front wheel is pushed into the bearing with a little bit of force. As a matter of fact, its switch is located inside the shoe to light up the shoe. Plus, you can easily clean it for the soft fabric and it will last you for a very long time,

Moreover, the convertible roller skate shoes are crafted of knit fabric as well as a rubber sole that is skid-proof. Plus, it is also wear-proof. In fact, there are two wheels inside it.

Key features:

  • Collar has sufficient padding.
  • Indeed a breathable product.
  • Multi-coloured LED lights.

5. Nsasy Kids Sneakers Roller Skates Shoes with Wheel

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Another great pair of stealthy skating shoes from Nsasy the boasts incredible build quality and amazing style. It has everything you need including colourful LED lights, sleek black and white design and time-saving velcro straps.  Manufactured with a combination of leather as well as fabric, one can glide just with a button’s press.

Further, it has a pretty silent bearing. Apart from having a wear-proof sole, it is easy to clean as one only needs a soft cloth.

Key features:

  • Lights can be controlled by a switch inside the shoe.
  • Comes with a tool to detach the wheels.
  • Back wheel can be hidden or brought out at your discretion.

4. AIkuass Sneaker Kids Wheeled Roller Shoes

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At a phenomenally affordable price tag, Alkuass presents probably one of the Best roller skating shoes in the market. It has super strong rubber soles which can endure a lot of running and jumping around. As a matter of fact, it even has hollowed spaces for the wheels.

One of the most interesting features of this pair of shoes is that it comes with a rechargeable battery. So unlike other cheap alternatives on the market, the LED lights embedded in the shoe don’t become a useless feature after the battery has run out of juice.

Key features:

  • Comes with dual wheels
  • Have as many as 7 options of the colour of LED lights.
  • Powerful as well as lightweight shoes that prove to be perfect for athletes.
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3. Ufatansy Uforme Double Wheel Roller Skate Shoes

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Your fantasy has made really awesome shoes that are excellent for skating and even work as incredible sneaker shoes. The design of the shoe is very attractive. The colourful accents over the shiny upper body are also really bold and striking. Plus, the body has some prepositions to make your shoes breathable. In fact, it keeps a constant airflow to keep your feet dry as well as free from sweat.

Moreover, the LED lights just accentuate its overall beauty and can work wonders during Halloween night or at a party. It implements both laces and the velcro strap to give you a really snug fit. At the back of the shoe, you get a big button. Just press that to pop out the wheel whenever you need to convert your sneakers into skating shoes.

Key features:

  • Lighting feature on both sides and under the shoe.
  • Dedicated and reliable customer support.
  • Batteries are indeed replaceable.

2. Chic Sources Boys Girls Roller Shoes with Wheel

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Chic Sources has brought to you a fantastic product which can be worn by you, your family and friends to have an awesome experience. The upper body has a meshed and breathable material with synthetic material giving it strength and structure. Due to the breathable material, you have a constant flow of air. This resists sweat formation and bacteria build up in your shoes. Wearing the shoe itself is an effortless task.

While others rely on laces that need to be tied up in the proper way. In fact, it might get loose and entangled but with these, you get velcro straps. The velcro is sticky enough to give you a firm grip and hold your shoes tight to hug your feet. Just pull the straps and attach, within a second you are ready to go. Use the new sneakers for daily activity or just attach the wheels for skating around and having fun.

Key features:

  • LED lights are colourful and even go under the shoes.
  • Wheels have an efficient and smooth bearing system.
  • Well-padded in the inner collar area.

1. VMATE PU Roller Double Single Wheel Skate Sneaker Shoes Dance Boot

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It is a revolutionary product since you get the Best of two types of shoes at the price of one. Other than saving you money, this shoe is also made of top quality PU material which can last you for a very long time. It is a great gift for your loved ones as well. You can enjoy a nice walk or show your energetic self by playing around in these shoes comfortably. Firstly, it has multi-coloured LED lights which are battery-powered. And the lighting even reaches underneath the shoe giving it an amazing appearance. It is a great shoe for parties and themed nights at your favourite club.

Furthermore, the lights have another amazing reactive feature. They are reactive to shock and glow only when you do some activity like walking, jumping or dancing around. It won’t be always lit up, thus saving battery and not distracting you when you just want to take a break.

Key features:

  • LEDs light up in seven colours.
  • Works for both men and women.

If you are planning to buy roller skate shoes for beginners or pro, get one. It will bring a smile on when you get to see the features of this cool shoe.

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