Best Portable Lightweight Double Strollers for Infant and Toddler Reviews

Managing a child throughout the day is already difficult but when it’s two, you need to level up your parenting skills. However, the major problem arises when you need to go out with them on a busy road. So, it’s better to take precautions. Therefore, the lightweight double strollers must be your mandatory addition. It helps to safely accommodate both your children. Then it has covered all the safety issues and thus, provides full security. Plus, the canopy provided at the top guards them pretty well.

As it is crucial to study the features before trusting the product with your child, go through the top-rated lightweight double strollers. Each is different in its own way and certainly has a speciality that can’t stay ignored.

Table of the Best Lightweight Double Strollers Reviews

10. Delta Children LX Side by Side Tandem Double Umbrella Stroller

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Delta Children is a trusted name in the arena of making childcare products. The Umbrella Stroller keeps up to its good name and is a superb dual stroller for your toddlers. It meets all the ASTM and CPSC standards and its dimensions and workings are approved by Disney. The seats are strong and can hold children up to 35 pounds each.

There are two storage bags underneath to keep the children’s toys, grocery items, phone and wallet and so on. Furthermore, the lightweight double stroller with wheels also has a storage space quickly keeping all the essentials inside it.

Key Features:

  • The seats are ultra-safe as it has 5 point harness along with soft pads for the shoulder.
  • Its front wheels are shockproof and allow for a 360-swivel. Therefore, ensuring a smooth ride through anywhere.
  • Given that, it indeed a European style canopy design that gives a style factor to it.
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9. Graco DuoGlider Lightweight Double Jogging Stroller

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The Graco Dual Glider is safe, comfortable and a highly efficient stroller when it comes to carrying toddlers around. The seats are made from sturdy fabric material thus allowing you to carry a maximum of a 40-pound child on each seat. Its seats are arranged one behind the other. As a result, it has a width of just 20.5-inches, easily allowing it to pass through any standard doorway.

The wheels have a full swivel for easy management. However, it is also swivel locked to give stability on a bumpy road. The foldable lightweight double stroller facilitates providing comfort as it has 2 reclining positions.

Key Features:

  • Has the one hand strolling to ensure that you can keep your other hand free as you carry your infants.
  • It has a parents’ tray loaded with two cup holders. Thus, allow for a higher degree of convenience as you move around with your child.
  • The large storage basket is enough to keep the required items inside it.

8. Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Double Strollers

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Carrying your child around requires a great degree of care. This stroller features maximum safety standards to prevent toddlers from any mishap. The Kolcraft Cloud Plus is one such amazing stroller that can carry two toddlers, each of 40 pounds max, at any given time. The seats are individually laid back to give each of your children their specific comfort zones.

This stroller is collapsible into a compact structure that easily fits into the back of your car. As a matter of fact, you can fold with one hand even when you are standing. Finally, the 5-point safety system assures extra security of the child in the stroller.

Key Features:

  • This lightweight double stroller’s canopy roof has a three-tier extension that allows for the best UV protection.
  • The canopy has a peek-a-boo window that allows you to always keep an eye on your toddlers snugly sitting inside.
  • There are two large storage areas underneath the stroller that can hold food items, the children’s toys and so on.

7. Evenflo Minno Compact Twin Double Strollers

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The Evenflo Minno stroller is high in functionality while keeping a low weight. This is because it has amazing construction and each of the seats can accommodate up to 45 pounds of the child. Next, it is intelligently designed allowing you to manoeuvre it with just one hand. The width of the assembled stroller is 27-inches and it can easily pass through any standard sized door.

Besides, the front wheels features swivel locks features that ensure stability on rough terrain. The swivel on the wheels is smooth and easily manoeuvrable.

Key Features:

  • This lightweight twin double stroller has individual seats for your two babies.
  • Well, one can recline the seats to the baby’s comfort and it also has an individual footrest for your babies.
  • The storage area under the seats is spacious and opens at the back.
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6. Delta Children Jeep Destination Ultralight Side x Side Double Stroller

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The Jeep Destination Double Stroller is perfect to carry two toddlers in the safest possible way. It has two seats with the capacity of carrying a 40-pound child in each of them. The sun visor is layered with SPE 50 material thus ensuring protection from UV light. The front wheels are 7-inches in diameter and are swivel locked when the terrain is bumpy. Allowing swivel ensures the best manoeuvrability. The rear wheels are 10-inches in diameter and have great suspensions to let your babies enjoy the most comfortable ride.

However, it also has multi-position reclining of the seats that will help to attain comfort accordingly. Plus, the footrests included in it helps to provide rest to your child’s feet. The reflective shoulder pads help to increase the visibility factor whenever you are out with your children at night.

Key Features:

  • This is a very safe stroller and meets all the requirements laid down by ASTM and CPSC.
  • After assemble, this stroller has a width of 29.5-inches. Thus, it is easily passed through any standard doorway which is 30-inches wide.
  • The seats, canopy and every feature are of 1680D fabric. It is resistant to the vagaries of nature as well as water.

5. Delta Children Jeep Scout Double Strollers

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The Jeep Scout Double Stroller has a construction with the highest degree of safety standards for both you and your babies in mind. The width of the assembled stroller is fit to be pushed through any door though it is a double stroller. The seats are very durable and can carry children between the period of birth up to they are 3 years old.

The seats also have the assurance of a 5-pint safety harness. Therefore, gives the toddler the maximum degree of protection at all times. Well, it also happens to meet all the criteria laid down by Disney World or Disneyland.

Key Features:

  • The 5.5-inches wheels are sturdy and allow full swivel thus ensuring easy manoeuvrability.
  • Lots of double stroller’s storage space to ease you in carrying different items and even conduct shopping.
  • Apart from soft shoulder pads that give ultimate comfort, the fabric is reflective that makes it noticeable even in darkness.

4. Graco Ready2grow Click Connect Double Stroller

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The Graco Ready2Grow Stroller is one of the most convenient strollers that you will ever come across to carry your toddlers. It features two seats and is capable of carrying two babies to their youth. The front seat has a capacity of up to 50 pounds while the back seat can carry as much as 40 pounds. Both of these seats are made very safe by means of a harness.

Nonetheless, the front seat has a 3 point safety harness while the backseat has a 5 point safety harness, making this stroller very safe indeed.

Key Features:

  • The seats use a material which is 80% polyester and 20% cotton thus combining strength and breathability efficiently.
  • The seat cushions are replaceable. So, put in a machine wash to always keep the stroller in pristine condition.
  • There is a storage basket under the seats that are used to keep wallet, phone, grocery items and so on.
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3. Kolcraft Cloud Lightweight & Compact Double Umbrella Stroller

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The Kolcraft Cloud is an impressive stroller to carry your kids around. It has a weight of only 21 lbs and is super easy to manoeuvre. When fully opened it spans a width of only 31-inches and thus fits through any standard door setup. The stroller is capable of holding two toddlers with each being a maximum of 35 lbs.

It is easily foldable and is brought down to a compact structure that is easily transportable. The best thing is that the two seats on the stroller are adjusted independently of one another.

Key Features:

  • The two canopies are expandable independently and have individual visor extensions. This makes it very safe against UV rays.
  • Features a 3 point safety harness to secure your toddlers in the best possible way.
  • You can simply roll up the back seat for making it airier.

2. JOOVY Twin Groove Umbrella Stroller

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You can get a compact twin stroller which is an amazing partner to carry your children around. The Joovy Twin Groove has two seats and is for those who have two kids back home. This stroller can carry a total of 100 pounds with each unit being able to carry a 50 lbs child. It is collapsed into a compact structure when not used that even fits into the back of your car.

The canopy has a UPF 50 layering that also prevents the harmful rays of the sun to affect your little angels. Lastly, the front wheels are allowed to swivel thus allowing you impressive freedom in movement.

Key Features:

  • Enough space is provided to store your essentials. You get 3 pieces of mug holders and one piece of storage, a zip-locked pouch. In this, you can carry a phone, wallet or even food items.
  • The dimensions and other specifications of this stroller are in accordance with Disneyland and Disneyworld standards.

1. Joovy Scooter X2 Double Strollers

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Carrying the little ones around in a stroller requires great care. Children are delicate beings and lack of care can lead to disastrous results. The Joovy Scooter X2 is designed to carry your children around and give them great comfort. It is a double stroller and you can sit both your kids snugly into this stroller.

The children are 45 pounds each and the stroller has a capacity of up to 90 pounds. Make sure that your child is over 3 months old before you carry him, around in this stroller.

Key Features:

  • This is a very safe unit for children as it is fully chemical-free and is layered with fire retardants.
  • The stroller has two holders to carry coffee mugs and a pocket to carry food items, phones, wallets and so on.
  • Seats and footrests are individually maintained without interfering with each other’s work.

Now manoeuvering through the busy roads along with two children will not be that of trouble. The lightweight travel double strollers will help you to keep your child seated in a safe position.

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