Best Lantern Pendant Lights for Kitchen and Dining Room Reviews

Intelligent lighting has a lot to do when it comes to giving your house a charming look. Well, looking forward to adding a vintage yet classy look to your household? Then installing lantern pendant lights is obviously the best option. The pendant lights bring a quaint and majestic look to your house. However, there are several pendant lights available in the market. So, it is really hard to choose the perfect one. There is nothing to worry about since we have got you covered.

The top 10 lantern pendant lights are minutely picked to uplift the beauty of any room. Having great features as well as looks, create a magical look.

10. Paragon Pendant Light Hanging Lantern Lighting for Kitchen and Dining Room

Lantern Pendant Lights

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As your home gets more modern with all the smart gadgets and sharp decor, this pendant light adds a contrasting charm with its vintage style. The cage-like lantern pendant light design with solid black lines makes up the body for containing the light bulb. It is constructed out of high-quality metal. And has certainly coated protection for resisting rust as well as corrosion.

The pendant light hangs via interlocking chains and you can even adjust it tailored to your needs. Furthermore, the installation is also very easy and effortless. You don’t need the help of a seasoned electrician or professional for installing this in your living room. Since it ships with all the necessary hardware for installation, you don’t need to spend extra. You can use one or multiple lights to give your home an interesting look. Lastly, the design would also go well in bars, coffee shops, and more due to its rustic look.

Key features:

  • It has an E26 socket. Hence, it allows you to attach a wide variety of bulbs including energy-saving LED bulbs.
  • The long adjustable chain has a length of over 5 feet.
  • The socket can rather provide a maximum power of 60 watts.
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9. Westinghouse Lighting Valley Forge Indoor Copper Pendant Light

Westinghouse Lighting Valley Forge Three-Light Indoor Pendant with Copper Accents

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Apart from its stunning looks, another advantage you get is the savings in terms of mounting hardware. It rather comes with everything you need for installation so that you don’t have to do any extra spending. Most of the body has a thick black matte finish. Whereas, the copper accents at the top, around the corners, and on the inner side give it an ancient charm.

You have a total of three sockets for installing bulbs of your choice. Moreover, the beautiful copper accents indeed look beautiful.

Key features:

  • The lantern pendant light’s weight is less than 6 pounds, it is very lightweight for its size.
  • Received the certification of both ETL as well as CETL.
  • Sloped ceiling installations and height adjustment are certainly easily done.

8. Homenovo Lighting Marden Light Chandelier for Entryway, Hallway, and Dining Room

Homenovo Lighting Marden Light Chandelier for Entryway, Hallway and Dining Room

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While buying anything that has electrical goods or electrical components you should always check up on its safety standards. Homenovo Lighting has done the job easier for you since this pendant light from the brand is UL listed. This means that this product has certification from Underwriters Laboratories, a company that provides reliable safety certification. So this light has gone through rigorous testing and declared to meet specific safety standards.

As a matter of fact, the structure of this pendant light is amazing as well. With its geometric pattern, it rather comes down and surrounds the sockets to mimic a vintage look. It is made out of metal and has a black matte finish. Therefore, it’s strong and won’t be rusted or corroded easily due to heat, light, or moisture. The brand also has a very dedicated customer support team. Hence, it always tries to understand your needs and make products that best suits your interests

Key features:

  • The industrial-style lantern pendant light has a total of 4 E12 sockets for attaching light bulbs of your choice.
  • You can indeed use 40-watt bulbs to illuminate your home.
  • You can easily adjust the cord length that can go as far as 60-inches.

7. Emliviar 2-Light Lantern Pendant Lighting

Emliviar 2-Light Lantern Pendant Lighting

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Most manufacturers try to cut costs by giving you a generic design that lacks versatility. But Emliviar is the exact opposite. You get tremendous versatility with everything from height to installation. It is hung from both flat and sloped ceilings. Next, the lantern pendant light’s height is easily adjusted with the adjustable chain.

However, you can keep it short or go for the maximum length that reaches 72-inches. It is indeed a caged lantern that will look best in every way.

Key features:

  • Has certification from UL which gives you peace of mind for its safety.
  • You rather get a 12 month period for claiming the warranty.
  • Compatible with all types of bulbs.
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6. LNC Faux-Wood Pendant Light – Farmhouse Island Light with Glass Shade

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LNC is providing you with a very distinct style of pendant light that combines industrial and vintage elements into one. No matter the style of decor you have at your home or business, this light would complement it. You also get an enclosure made from clear glass which has high colour accuracy. In addition to that, it distributes light evenly around the room.

Unlike most competitor brands’ designs, you get a unique finish of rust and faux wood on this bulb. Finally, it has a rectangular shape and the beauty is certainly uncompromised.

Key features:

  • 10-inch rods, a total of 6 to adjust the length between the ceiling canopy and the light.
  • Cokes with instruction and all the required hardware to save you trouble and money.
  • Indeed installed on the sloped ceiling as well.

5. SUSUO Lighting 6″ Wide Pendant Ceiling Hanging Light

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Susuo’s pendant light has a few key components of very high quality. As a result, makes it one of the best products in this price range. It is shaped like an old lantern with a glass casing around it. Next, it hangs from the ceiling via a corded metal chain. The canopy has a wide base and above the light socket, you also get an efficient heat sink. Plus, it is made from a metallic mesh to dissipate heat quickly.

Given that, this lantern pendant light’s heat sink has a rusted finish which adds authenticity to the vintage look. Overall, it is hung at various heights which lets you decorate your room or stairways in a unique fashion.

Key features:

  • E26/27 socket lets you install incandescent LED, CFL, and other kinds of bulbs.
  • Can provide wattage of 40 watts to the bulb.

4. Light Society LS-C103 Preston Pendant Lamp – Modern Industrial Lighting Fixture

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Light society creates some of the best lights that money can buy and this won’t disappoint you either. This light isn’t suspended via a chain but uses metal rods to hang itself from the ceiling. Therefore, even in unforeseen circumstances it won’t wobble or shape and would maintain its rigid shape. You get a total of 5 rods for that purpose.

This modular design allows you to adjust the length between the ceiling and the light. Furthermore, it includes 3 rods of 12-inches and one each of 8-inches and 6-inches. Hence, makes up a total length of 50-inches for you to adjust and play around with. The canopy you get for attaching to the ceiling is certainly impressive with a diameter of 5.5 inches. Thus, it is large enough to support the weight of your light.

Key features:

  • Due to the simple and tapered design, it is suitable for contemporary decor.
  • You can use LED, halogen, tungsten filament, smart bulbs, and a lot more.
  • You will indeed get a 1-year warranty.
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3. VINLUZ 3 Light Hall-Foyer Cage Lantern Pendant Lights – Farmhouse Chandelier Ceiling Lighting

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This modern pendant light has a sleek and minimalist design which suits well for a wide array of decors. It has the shape of a rectangular cube with thick metal lines going from the top and coming together to enclose the sockets. Since it is made from metal, it is very robust. Moreover, it has a layer of coating over to keep moisture and other elements at bay.

As a matter of fact, this means that you would be able to use this pendant light for a very long time.  And that also without having to worry about corrosion or rusting.

Key features:

  • Features 3 E26 sockets that are highly compatible with a lot of bulbs.
  • You get maximum wattage of 60 watts from the sockets which are more than enough for even powerful bulbs.

2. Progress Lighting Briarwood Mini-Pendant Light

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Major material that is used for constructing this pendant light from Progress Lighting is steel. However, its looks would definitely deceive you. Next, the steel structure gives it high strength, durability, and longevity. Plus, it has a design that looks familiar to lights on farmhouse gates, doors, and those used in barns. It indeed has the look of faux painted wood that makes its outer structure and metal wires connecting the corners on four faces.

The finish has a mix of oak and lustrous bronze. It would put even the well-crafted creations that used to light London streets during the Victorian era to shame. When the light comes out of the bulb it produced interesting patterns and shadows. It is created due to the structure that gives you a feeling of antiquity. For a nostalgic ambiance, you can use incandescent bulbs that have the natural tinge of sepia

Key features:

  • Has a convenient E26 socket that is compatible with a lot of light bulb models.
  • Capable of providing 100 watts of power to the bulb.
  • One of the most lightweight models you would find, weighing just under 4 pounds.

1. Trans Globe Lighting 10264 ROB Indoor Lacey Rubbed Oil Bronze Pendant

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Illuminate your home with abundant light without having to compromise on style. This pendant light is designed similar to models used in the colonial era. Hence, it gives you a brilliant product that has the look of an antique. Moreover, it is large enough and has space for four light bulbs to provide you with abundant lighting.

Finally, you get E12 sockets that are perfect for installing incandescent lights and projects shades. Plus, it comes in a geometric pattern when you turn them on.

Key features:

  • You can make this purchase with peace of mind since it is covered by a warranty period of 12 months.
  • It is crafted from metal and rubbed oil bronze finishing looks amazing.

Decorate your home with beautifully detailed lights. And these lights are certainly a wise buying option.

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