Best Adult Drive Medical Hemi Walkers | Side Stepper Walkers Reviews

Accidents do not come with a warning. Patients that suffer from reduced sensation in one arm can use this to comfortably walk with a reliability factor. And this doesn’t come with a crane. Well, it is the folding hemi walkers, the product one uses when support is needed. Having foolproof construction, it will help the injured person to regain its original state. Plus, it must be made in a way that will make it easy for the needed individuals to fold it just using one hand. Well, to understand what makes hemi walkers different from canes or walker, read our hemi walker review.

Table of the Best Hemi Walkers Reviews

9. PCP Side Style Hemi One Arm Walker

Hemi Walkers

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If you have an arm that is recovering, then this hemi walker cane from PCP is the Best thing. Having a crane as support doesn’t give you great stability. On the other hand, a walker does provide you with the stability it really isn’t light enough for one-hand use. That is where this walker comes in to give you the balance you need. Firstly, it is light enough for being operated with one arm and four points of contact make it super stable.

Further, you don’t need to be dependent on anyone else in your own home. And you can do daily activities without any issue with this walker. When it folds out, it has a locking mechanism and has a wide enough area of support on the floor. By folding the walker, you can also adjust its height and change it from 33-inches to 37-inches

Key features:

  • Certainly usable with either arm.
  • Proudly manufactured in the US and works great patients suffering from mobility issues.
  • Less than 4 pounds in weight.
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8. Drive Medical Hemi One Arm Walker for Adults

Drive Medical Hemi One Arm Walker for Adults

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Drive Medical has made a side walker which you can be proud of. It is helping hundreds of happy customers lead a happy life by sharing their burden. In fact, it has four legs which you can use by keeping the walker folded or by opening it up. It is made of strong yet lightweight material and gives you immense stability.

Moreover, it would really baffle you about the inconvenience that you uses to face with a crane. As a matter of fact, it has padded gripping area on the handles to obtain a nice comfy position to hold. The hemi one arm walker also prevents your hand from slipping off while walking. This safety feature is much underrated but extremely important since it helps to do your activities in a safe manner.  Finally, the walker has a chrome finish which gives it a shiny and sleek look.

Key features:

  • An affordable price point that doesn’t burn a hole through your pocket.
  • It is a better alternative for those who are looking for a middle ground between a two-handed walker and a crane.
  • Can indeed easily handle heavy individuals.

7. Carex Health Brands Folding Hemi Walker

Carex Health Brands Folding Hemi Walker

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Experience improved mobility and feel independent with this folding hemi walker from Carex Health Brands. It allows you to lead a much more free life without having to rely on others. The fours legged design gives you a really convenient walking motion.

Furthermore, it allows you the pivoting action on two legs so that moving further becomes easier. You can also gradually increase its height according to your requirements and have the perfect position you need.

Key features:

  • Foldable into a compact form and so, storage becomes easier.
  • Height can be adjusted between 30-inches and 35-inches with 1-inch locking intervals

6. Lumex 10240-1 Side Style Hemi Walker

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You can buy this well-built side walker at an unbelievable price point that wouldn’t break the bank. If you live in a small apartment, then you won’t suffer from storage problems either. It can fold into a flat shape. Thus, resting it against the wall or storing inside a closet or under the bed very easy.

Due to its lightweight, one will be easily transported even without a personal car. And it becomes easier for you to manoeuvre this product with a single hand. Furthermore, it also has an optimal width which gives you the right stability without getting stuck between doors. The handgrips on both levels might seem a bit extravagant. But these are present to assist you in easily switching between standing and seating positions

Key features:

  • The height of the walker is adjustable.
  • Folding, walking and manoeuvring can all be done with one hand.
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5. Zenith Medical Supplies Side Hemi Walker/Cane

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This side walker from Zenith Medical Supplies is amazing for you or someone who is recovering from an injury. It is indeed perfect for senior citizens who will appreciate the independence they get with this product.

Further, you can also adjust the height of the walker from 28-inches to 35-inches and get into a comfy position. The lightweight hemi walker has a maximum weight limit of 300 lbs. And one can just use one hand to fold this amazing walker. Therefore, no other assistance is needed.

Key features:

  • A  limited warranty period of a lifetime.
  • Just 3.5 pounds in weight.

4. Drive Medical Side Hemi Walkers

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Just the design on this side walker is enough to speak volumes for its stability and usefulness. You get two pairs of U-shaped metal tubes connected by a clever mechanism. The U-shape gives it a lot of weight-bearing capacity. Plus, the joints which enable the locking feature further enhance its strength.

However, the metallic legs are bound to scratch your expensive and beautiful flooring. To solve that problem, they have a non-metallic material at the end which makes contact with the floor, increases traction and gives you a very stronghold. Handles are also provided with two rounded grips. So, it will keep your hand from slipping on the metallic body of the walker and prevents accidents.

Key features:

  • Other than being economical it also has free shipping which makes the deal even sweeter.
  • Weight capacity of up to 300 pounds.
  • Unimaginably light at around 3 and a half pounds.

3. Duro-Med Aluminum Folding Hemi-Walker provides Support

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Other manufacturers may be trying to cut corners with high cheap material in their production that diminishes the longevity. However, Duro-Med is prioritizing customer satisfaction. It is constructed out of robust anodized aluminium. The ⅞ inch aluminium tubes make a high strength structure without getting heavy.

Moreover, since aluminium is much less reactive to humidity and dust, your walker does not get corroded very easily. Unlike iron, it doesn’t have any rusting problems and will last you for years to come. You can also adjust its height from 30-inches to 35-inches by folding the walker. The Best thing about this walker is that it’s very economical unlike the costlier but inefficient models

Key features:

  • Walker’s feet have a rubberized end which doesn’t leave a scratch on your floor and has better traction.
  • Non-metal grips are slip-resistant and nice to the touch.
  • Low in the weight department, just 3.4 pounds.
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2. APEX/CAREX HEALTHCARE Hemi Walkers – One Cane

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APEX has made a very good and premium quality product that gives patients a lot of mobility. And so, lets them recover from an injury with dignity. It has a special hinge lock design which makes the walker foldable and easy to use. Plus, the handles also have an ergonomic shape and learning curve to use this product is a flat line.

Further, its intuitive design incorporates the use of two handles. Thus, you can sit down or stand up without hurting yourself by just switching to the other handle. When it is not in use, you can close it swiftly with just one hand by the pull handle feature. Finally, you don’t need to worry about its sturdiness either since it has a high weight capacity of 300 pounds.

Key features:

  • Comes pre-assembled so no need to worry about tools to set it up.
  • Weighs just 3 and a half pounds.

1. Folding Hemi Walker APEX/CAREX

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If you live in a small home and have some storage issues due to lack of space, then a full-sized double-handed walker is very problematic. The only way you can store it in a compact form is off you disassemble it every time. But a cane isn’t a good option either. You get just an extra leg which isn’t very good for carrying your weight or stabilizing.

However, you won’t face any such issue with this folding walker. Further, it is capable of being stored in a flat shape after you fold it up. It gives you much more stability due to its four-legged design that can easily carry generously sized individuals.

Key features:

  • Weighs just 3 and a quarter pounds.
  • Support you as long as you weigh 300 pounds or less.
  • Indeed height adjustable to suit your needs.

Attain stability and gain support, the hemi side walkers are amazing in every way.

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