Best Portable Hair Dryer Stands | Hair Dryer Holders Reviews

Perhaps you are struggling to get the correct angle when creating elegant hairstyles using your standard dryer but all in vain? Our 10 Best hair dryer stands are here to complete your activities by providing the correct angles for hands-free operation. These hair dryer stands offer comfort and ease when styling and drying your hair. They are here to ensure they make life stress-free for you. Our selection features dryer stands that are lightweight with unmatched quality. This means that they will serve you for ages.

If you own a hairdressing business or just ready to try making your hair, then the stands will compliment your efforts towards straightening and achieving the professional look you have longed for years. Its space-saving design keeps the countertops neat and organized. They provide the best angle and height for drying your hair. Read through our selected hair dryer stands and consider getting the most outstanding one to meet your dryer safety requirements without breaking the bank.

Table of the Best Hair Dryer Stands Reviews

10. LuckIn Adjustable Height Blow Dryer Stand – Hair Dryer Stands on Countertop Floor

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Are you trying to free your hands, and protect your hair from harm, make a hairstyle for you, or grooming hair for your pets? Because you are tired of holding a comb in one hand and another hand is with a hairdryer? LuckIn a hands-free hair dryer stand is now the best choice for your service! It will never disappoint you since it crafts from a stainless steel rod for all environments. That’s why the quality beats the rest in the market.

Besides, LuckIn a hands-free hair dryer stand is convenient to adjust the height and rotation of angle for your children and pets, which is an excellent advantage for you. It has a strong rubber band to hold your dryer in any position, thus stability.


  • Rubber Belt to hold hair dryer hence stability on usage.
  • Flexible Stainless Tube, thus adjusted to any angle.
  • Metal bracket for more durability hence prevents damage.
  • Adjustable clamp thus fits on different table thicknesses.
  • The height of the stand adjusts through 20”-31” to suit your required height.
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9. Pard Stainless Hair Dryer Stand Holder – Hairdryer Holder with Sucker

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Pard Hair Dryer Stand Holder is here to save you from fatigue in the hands, shoulders, and which comes when drying and styling your hair for a long time. We understand the struggle that comes in when you travel, and you want to create beautiful hairstyles and look elegant; that’s why Pard hair dryer stand holder comes in since it’s lightweight and small for portability. Luckily, the stand is inexpensive, and hence you can easily afford it.

Additionally, it has a 6mm-thick rubber base to strengthen the adsorption, which can bear 5-10kg. Apart from that, it has a bracket made of iron, more durable, which protects the hair blower from damage. In addition to that, your hair dryer stand ages with you. This is how you see the value for money.


  • Quality construction and hence last you for ages
  • Stand total length 59 cm so that you can comfortably work with it
  • Stainless steel tube diameter for stability
  • Suction cup thickness: 0.6cm thus bear the weight of 5kg of your dyer
  • The base has a wide diameter to keep the stand stable

8. Osring Adjustable Hair Dryer Stand – Hands-Free Hairdryer Holder for Hair Drying

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If you are looking for an upgraded hairdryer, then Osring Adjustable Hair Dryer Stand Hands-Free is your best choice! It’s flexible enough to adjust the angle of airflow for your needs. Besides, the quality makes it rank above the competitors. This is because of its durability features, such as the quality of materials used during its construction.

Apart from the stand holder keeping the standstill on the floor or countertop, it has a retractable rod of hairstyling stand which adjusts through 20” to 31”. You will achieve your styles much simpler since it rotates well to create the convenience you require.


  • Height of 20” to 31” hence adjustable and fits well for your use
  • 2.5 lbs. bottom base keeps hair styling stand sturdier and stronger.
  • Makes satisfying hairstyle due to its 360-degree rotation
  • comes from quality materials hence durable and will last you ages

7. Desktop Hair Dryer Stand Holder – Hands-Free Stainless 360 Degrees Rotation Hairdryer Holder

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This is another excellently designed hairdryer that makes a satisfactory hairstyle more easily. The hairdryer stand holder eliminates the strain that comes with holding your standard driers and styling your hair. Therefore, you can fix your hair with both hands more comfortably. The stand holder is a great helper to dry your pet.

Lastly, it’s convenient and suitable for those who have problems with the arms, shoulders, or fingers. Its portable styling accessory means that you can travel anywhere with it. This is an advantage to those who prefer moving along with their hairdressing equipment


  • It is suitable for a smooth desktop.
  • Stand total length:59cm to match your height
  • Stainless steel tube diameter hence thick enough for comfort use
  • portable and therefore suitable for outdoor use
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6. CHRUNONE 360 Degree Rotating Lazy Hair Dryer Stands With Heavy Base

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Are you a professional dog groomer and you fluff dog with a hairdryer? Chrunone hair dryer stand has been designed in a way you don’t need to struggle to hold the dryer and the brush. It has an adjustable height from 14″ to 26″.

This product is precisely what you need to help you get ready. You can use it after the cast comes off because it gives hair volume. So, it is an excellent product if you have limited mobility in your arms or if you just want a little extra volume.


  • It has a Silver color hence stylish
  • Made of Aluminum alloy + Plastic for quality
  • Product Size: 27.5″ x7.08″ (70x18cm) and saves space

5. Skywin Clamp Mount Hair Dryer Holder

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Skywin hands-free hair dryer stand is now perfect for all ages. Fully adjustable while sitting or standing, so don’t worry when you aren’t feeling well because you will still look groomed. It’s also easy to use with no screws required because it clips to any surface between 1/3 inch and 2.5 inches.

Moreover, the clamp holds the stand very securely and is easy to unclamp and pack in a suitcase for traveling. Purchase it now because it never disappoints!


  • Clips anywhere hence easy to use
  • Adjustable heights and angle
  • Holds tight, even for heavy hair dryers.

4. SudaTek Heavy Duty Pet Foldable Grooming Table Hair Dryer Stand

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This is an excellent accessory for any busy groomer, either in a busy grooming salon, during mobile house calls, or for those who simply want to groom their pets at home. For use with handheld dryers. Its utterly flexible gooseneck grooming arm enables you to use both hands whilst grooming your pet, acting as a third arm. This allows you to groom to perfection, while also saving you time.


  • Has metal clamps that screw securely onto most grooming tables
  • Gooseneck holder that can be positioned at any angle
  • Made from quality materials hence durable
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3. LuckIn Suction Cup Hair Dryer Holder

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Celebrate your morning with LuckIn Suction Cup Hair Dryer Holder because it makes those elegant styles for you, and you will make it your partner forever! LuckIn Suction Cup Hair Dryer Holder Flexible Stainless rod easily adjusts to any angle you prefer. It has an elastic rubber band that fastens the hairdryer firmly, so don’t be scared of purchasing it.


  • Metal bracket with a rubber band for preventing hairdryer from damage
  • made for durability
  • lightweight and fits easily
  • adjustable to match different angles

2. Hair Dryer Holder Gooseneck Pet Hair Dryer

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It is made of high-quality aluminum alloy, sturdy and durable. That’s is why it wins in the market. In addition, its Stable clamp with Anti-slip tape, durable metal tube efficiently fixed on the edge of the various grooming desk to release your hands and save space when dry your hair, nail, or pet care.

Hairdryer holder gooseneck pet hairdryer is also comfortable for you to adjust any degree to blow hair as you like and make pet grooming as your need.


  • Durable since it comes from quality materials
  • Sizeable and saves space
  • Adjustable to fit your height

1. Pard Stainless 360 Degrees Rotation Hairdryer Holder

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Pard Hair Dryer Stand Holder You can put it on the ground or the table, wherever you like. It is also a favorite product for your pet. Also, you can use a high-power hair dryer to dry your nails with the help of a holder, which is of great advantage to you.

Additionally, it has Heavy Non-Tipping Base with Anti-skid components at the bottom; makes it stand firmly holds your hairdryer in place.


  • Flexible neck for any adjustable angle or heights
  • Adjustable strap is to fasten the handle securely in place
  • Stand design doesn’t need a suction cup


In conclusion, these are the best hair dryer stands on the market to consider buying. The hairdryer stand is highly rated and offers excellent protection. We hope you found this review helpful. Therefore, go ahead and made your buying decision. We have shared the best 10 Best hair dryer stands to help you keep your dryer safe and improve your work efficiency.

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