Best Outdoor Durable Waterproof Sunproof Golf Cart Covers Reviews

Even though they are fun to drive, maintaining a golf cart is really troublesome. You need to ensure maximum protection of your cart against dust, rain, sunlight, and other weather agents. Without proper protection, your golf cart may suffer from discoloration, rust, and several other problems. Thus, golf cart covers are highly important. Having a durable construction from premium quality material, these covers ensure maximum protection of your cart. Plus, they are highly durable and promise to serve you for a long time.

The list of the top product can go on and on. However, which ones are the best among the rest? Read the golf cart covers review and get to know only the trusted products.

 Table of the Best Golf Cart Covers Reviews

10. Himal EZ GO, Club 4 Passenger 400D Waterproof Sunproof Golf Cart Covers

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Maintaining a golf cart is a hectic affair. It is an all-sides open vehicle and therefore needs great care. A great way to secure the golf cart is to make use of the Himal waterproof golf cart cover. This ensures complete protection of the golf cart from various natural elements. In fact, the sun would cause no harm and the sturdy zipper will not break at all.

It covers a basal area of 112-inches in length and 48-inches in width and goes up to a height of 66-inches. Thus this cover can sufficiently cover any regular 4 passenger golf cart with great ease. It uses heavy-duty fabric with a layer of PU lining from within making it ideally waterproof.

Key Features:

  • The line of stitching has a covering of waterproof tape to ensure zero leakage of water.
  • Use of buckles, elastic bottom hem, and Velcro strap makes this cart cover windproof and fixes it to your cart.
  • The silver coating on the outside surface prevents UV rays from destroying the color of your cart.
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9. FLYMEI Waterproof Outdoor Golf Cart Cover for EZ GO Club Car Yamaha Golf Carts

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Golf carts require rain covers. There is no other way of protecting open vehicles. Sunlight, rains, etc all have a corrosive effect and the golf cart needs protection from that. A great rain cover for golf carts is the FLYMEI product. This brilliant cover from the house of Flymei comes with all things wonderful. This polyester material is fully tear-proof. To keep the dustproof golf cart cover, safe from sudden winds, it has a locker at the bottom.

It is a trusty companion to your cart and has an alloy zipper that is not likely to rust in rain. As a matter of fact, its humongous dimensions allow any regular 4 passenger golf cart to fit underneath its canopy.

Key Features:

  • The golf cart cover uses ABS technology that makes it very difficult to blow the cover away.
  • Includes a Velcro strap at the bottom adds double security to the product.
  • Carry a bag certainly makes carrying the cover and storing it a breeze.

8. Deluxe 4 Seater Golf Cart Covers Fit EZ GO, Club Car, and Yamaha G Model

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Won’t it be amazing if you do not have to take care of your cart every day? Dusting and cleaning are hectic affairs, and a golf cart requires it regularly. However, if you make use of the Formosa Covers Deluxe, it won’t be necessary to do so anymore. The heavy-duty golf cart cover is double stitched to make it extremely durable.

This cover is not just any cheap nylon product. It uses durable polyester material, particularly for golf carts. Furthermore, the cover also has two layers of Polyurethane (PU) coating which ensures protection against UV light also. Finally, it comes with a bag that helps in the transportation of the product.

Key Features:

  • It can certainly fit any standard-sized 4 passenger golf carts.
  • The cover has a rear zipper that allows you to easily access your cart without having to remove the cover.
  • The bottom hem of the cart cover rather has a grommet lining. It eases tying it down with a cable on a windy day.

7. Classic Accessories Fairway Golf Cart Easy-On Cover

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A comfortable way of taking care of your golf cart and maintaining it is to use a cart cover. Classic Accessories Fairway Golf Cover is a lovely cover for most golf carts such as Yamaha Drive, EZ Go, and so on. These covers can easily wrap around a 4 passenger cart and give it immense protection.

Moreover, the covers are waterproof from within and have a layer of UV protection from the outside. Thus your cart gets complete protection. Water cannot affect it, neither can dust nor snow. The sun’s rays cannot pass through the cover and decolorize your cart.

Key Features:

  • The cart cover provides you with a rear ventilation system. As a result, aerates the insides and prevents moisture from settling.
  • Its bottom has an elasticized cord at the hem for easy fitting of the product.
  • The golf cart cover’s fabric will certainly not shrink or automatically stretch.
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6. Leader Accessories Golf Cart Cover with Zipper for 2 -4 Person

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If dust settles on your golf cart every day or sunlight discoloring your cart worries you, it is time for you to upgrade to a cart cover. The Leader Accessories cover is an amazing deal that gives your cart full protection. It is of durable 300D polyester material which is high in functionality and lasts a long time. The cover material is breathable and allows for great air circulation and ventilation from within.

Nonetheless, it also does not let moisture deposition inside the covers. A rear entry zipper ensures easy accessibility into the cart without having to remove the cover all the time.

Key Features:

  • Plastic grommets instead of metallic ones ensure no rusting and hence a long service life.
  • The bottom hem of the cover is elastic for a snug fit about the cart.
  • Apart from being breathable, the lightweight golf cart cover will be the ideal companion.

5. Moveland Outdoor Golf Cart Cover for EZ GO, Club Car, Yamaha, Custom Cart Cover

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Are you looking for a cart cover because dust and rain are damaging your cart and talking away your peace of mind? If you do not have any cover in mind, you can try the Moveland Custom Cart Cover. It has great dimensions and is perfect to cover most 4 passenger golf carts out there. All sorts of weatherproofing are there on this cover. Thus it comes with such features that ensure good maintenance for your cart.

As a matter of fact, having PU construction even has the guarantee that it will deal with any sort of bad weather. Finally, the internal insulation material helps in guaranteeing the safety of the cart.

Key Features:

  • Polyester fibers are in use to craft this cover thus preventing shrinkage and allowing great water repelling nature.
  • The fabric comes with a silver-grey coating from within that reflects away the UV rays preventing discoloration.
  • The rear zipper has a waterproof Velcro lining to ensure that no water leaks into the cart area through it.

4. CarsCover HD Waterproof Golf Cart Cover 4 Passenger Storage Covers for Yamaha, Club Car, EZ Go

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CarsCover creates an amazing cover for any 4 passenger golf cart. It is perfect to fit up to 115” long golf carts with great ease. The cart cover comes with many features to optimize its use in order to protect your cart. It comprises of 5 layers of fabric material along with a fleece lining. As a result, it is super effective in protecting the cart from dust, snow, pollutants, rain, and so on.

Moreover, the zipper allows for easy opening of the cover, and along with that, you also get a bag to store the cover.

Key Features:

  • A UV stabilizer is thereupon the fabric of the cart cover to extend its life.
  • The cover can easily wrap around your cart using a strap and buckle to give it protection against wind.
  • Perfect for carts that are of 115-inches long.
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3. iiSPORT Waterproof Golf Cart Storage Cover for 4 Passenger, Golf Cart

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The iiSport Golf Cart Cover is handy equipment to have if you have a cart and like golfing. A golf cart cannot be parked anywhere and always requires a shade. The cover ensures a mobile shade for your cart, allowing it to be parked about anywhere.

However, it covers a span over a size of 112-inches long cart and can cover any good golf cart. It is made waterproof as a sure protection against rain. The cart cover also has a material lining that protects it against sun rays and prevents discoloration in the cart.

Key Features:

  • Has a heavy-duty material construction pertaining to 210D polyester material.
  • The stitched area is lined with adhesive tapes made waterproof to ensure that no leakage of water takes place.
  • The zipper area is covered on both sides by adhesive tapes to protect it.

2. SUMMATES Golf Cart Cover, Fits Yamaha Drive, EZ Go, Club Car Precedent

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Golf carts come in all shapes and sizes but all of them have a common problem- it is difficult to store a golf cart. You will always require some shade to park your cart as it is prone to be covered in dust and damaged by rain, sunlight etc. Thus you should make use of the Summates Golf Cart Cover for extra advantage. Now you can park your cart anywhere without much worry.

It can fit both 2 passenger and 4 passenger carts easily. When the cover is not put to use, it is kept aside in a storage bag that comes with the pack. It is also well ventilated from the rear and does not allow moisture build-up within when the cover is in use.

Key Features:

  • It is lined with a zipper allowing easy rear entry of the cart.
  • The hem of the cover is lined with a great elastic cord that always ensures a snug fit around any cart.


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Golf Carts are vehicles that are open from all sides. It is mandatory to drape a golf cart in a cover. It is because the open vehicle is greatly affected by the vagaries of nurture. A cover acts as a protective shield against such things. The Northeast Harbor cover is a simple one to drape and protect your golf cart with.

It encompasses dimensions that are perfect. This cart cover is well adapted to all major 4 passenger carts. It comes in a beige hue and does a great job in protecting your cart.

Key Features:

  • It has a zipper in the back which eases the entry of the golf cart into it.
  • The moisture stored inside can be circulated through the air vents present on the rear side of the cart cover.
  • The bottom hem of the huge cover is lined with an elastic that ensures a snug fit over the cart.

Your passion for golf will never go unnoticed. The outdoor golf cart cover will keep the cart safe even in extreme weather conditions.

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