Best Electric Fuel Transfer Pumps | Gasoline Transfer Pumps Reviews

Transferring fuel from one place to another is usually a very risky affair. Hence, it is very important that you use the right tools to do so. The fuel transfer pumps are highly powerful. They allow you to transfer liquid fuels over distances safely. With the assurance of brilliant performance, these pumps are generally noiseless. Most importantly, they completely eliminate the risk of any mishap.

To make the process simple, we suggest you consult our fuel transfer pump’s recommendations first. Each item in our list is absolutely the best in terms of quality and performance. So, you will not have to worry about anything.

Table of the Best Fuel Transfer Pumps Reviews

10. Fill-Rite 12V Fuel Transfer Pumps

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The transfer of fuel usually takes place over a long distance. However, transferring the fuel to and from the storage tanks is a hectic ordeal. It is time-consuming and a messy affair. However, if you were to use a cast iron fuel transfer pump, then all your worries and discomfort will go away. Also, you can maximize fuel transfer in a short period easily. Fill-Rite has come up with an amazing solution with this efficient pump.

It has a cast iron body making it both efficient and low in weight. Next, it also offers maximum power conservation. Thus, it turns off automatically after 20 minutes of inactive use.

Key Features:

  • This is a noise-free pump and works at a sound level of 76dB only.
  • The efficient pump can create a suction lift of as long as 6.5-feet when it is transferring diesel oil.
  • You do not have to worry about overheating at all as it has thermal overload protection.
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9. Fill-Rite Fuel Transfer Pump 12V with Discharge Hose, Manual Nozzle, Suction Pipe

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If you are having trouble with your old pump, then it is high time that you change it. The role of a pump is quite crucial in the transfer of fuel. Hence, it should always be in supreme health for the best output. You can do it with the amazing Fill-Rite FR1210G if you wish to upgrade your pump. This sturdy pump has a lightweight cast iron frame and runs at a rate of 2600 rpm.

It can create a suction lift of up to 6.5’ while transferring diesel fuel. The best thing about this pump is that you will not even notice that is working. It functions at a lower level of 75dB only.

Key Features:

  • The ¼ hp DC motor draws up to 20 amp of electricity. It does so over a period of 30 minutes cycles.
  • It is a very safe pump that has Thermal Overload Protection and cuts off immediately in case of overworking.
  • The fuel transfer pump with a discharge hose makes it pretty easy to get the fuel out.

8. GPI Fuel Transfer Pumps 12-VDC

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One of the best pumps that you will ever come across is the GPI 137100-01. This is a very durable pump and has a very powerful motor that can efficiently draw and transfer fuel. The DC motor runs at a maximum output of 2,100 rpm. And is capable of delivering as much as 8 gallons of fuel per minute. The pressure of the pump is appreciable. Most importantly, it can discharge fuel up to a distance of 10 feet.

Moreover, it is appropriate for transferring gasoline, diesel as well as kerosene. The fuel transfer pump’s motor has the certification of UL as well as follows by the Canadian Standards.

Key Features:

  • The nozzle of the discharge hose is free of lead. It ensures that the quality of fuel does not hamper in any way.
  • This is a power-efficient pump and immediately stops working when it is inactive for 30 min.
  • Given all the features, the duty cycle ranges between 15 to 30 minutes.

7. Fuelworks 12V 15GPM Fuel Transfer Pump Kit

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A transfer pump perfect for the purpose of transferring flammable liquid fuels is really excellent. These are excellent in the work they do and come with lots of criteria. It has a meticulous design to function effectively without causing deadly explosions. The pump runs on a 12V motor and can deliver 15 gallons of fuel in just a minute.

It is safe since it has Thermal protection which ensures that the pump never suffers overheating. Moreover, the discharge hose is 14-ft and the power cable extends to 5m so that you never have to face any hassle while transferring. Finally, the noiseless fuel transfer pump has the guarantee of being explosion-proof.

Key Features:

  • This is a great self-priming pump that comes with a rotary vane with bypass valves.
  • The DC motor in the pump runs at an amazing rate of 2400 rpm.
  • This efficient pump runs noiselessly. And you can hear as much as only 80dB of sound even 1 m near to the pump.
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6. Fill-Rite 115V Fuel Transfer Pump

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There are different kinds of pumps that are used for different purposes. The pump that is used to transfer water over long distances or heights is greatly different from the pump that is used to transfer liquid fuels. Liquid fuels such as gasoline, kerosene, and so on are highly volatile and easily inflammable and thus require such special pumps as the Fill-Rite FR700V.

This pump works at 115 V and the 1/3 hp motor draws up to 5.5 amp electricity. Its motor is enclosed in a cast-iron envelope which is sturdy and protects the pump from wear.

Key Features:

  • The motor and the overall pump surpass the safety standards stated by the UL and CUL.
  • This motor can work at a maximum rate of 1725 rpm.
  • It can carry as much as 20 gallons of liquid fuel in a minute and the pressure generated can lift the fuel up to a height of 8-feet.

5. Fill-Rite 115V Fuel Transfer Pump

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When you think of transferring fuel from one place to another, you must know that it requires a powerful pump. The fuel transfer pump’s design helps to carry liquid fuels. They eliminate the risk of explosion or cause any other mishap while transferring. When you use the Fill-Rite SD602 you will understand the fine distinction between a great fuel transfer pump and any normal one.

This noiseless pump works with disturbing others and has impressive specifications. It is encased in a strong cast iron body layered with a buna-n mechanical seal. The body also has an O-ring which ensures higher durability.

Key Features:

  • The motor draws up to 115v, 1.5 amp of electricity, and can run at a power of ¼ hp.
  • The efficient motor runs at rates of up to 1725 rpm and can produce a lift of up to 8-feet.
  • This motor is like most standard motors used at fuel stations and has a flow rate of 13 gallons of fuel per minute.

4. Fill-Rite 115V Fuel Transfer Pumps

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When you are buying a pump you should make your investments carefully and go for a highly effective fuel transfer pump like the Fill-Rite FR711V. This pump belongs to the 700 series of the reputed Fill-Rite company, an excellent manufacturer of fuel transfer pumps. It is very hardy and even more efficient and runs at a power of only 1/3 hp.

Furthermore, it draws 11V of electricity at 5.5 amps and can create a discharge pressure of 23 psi. Having an automatic nozzle, it is indeed very easy to use as well as maintain.

Key Features:

  • This pump has an impressive flow rate of 20 gallons of fuel per minute.
  • The pump has an inlet size of 1 ¼-inches and an outlet ring with a diameter of 1-inches.
  • It is loaded with a 53-feet discharge head and can cause an outstanding suction lift of up to 15’ on a vertical plane.
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3. Fill-Rite Fuel Transfer Pumps

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The Fill-Rite NX3210B is a fascinating transfer pump loaded with all the modern facilities to make the transfer of fuel an easy deal. The fans in the motor can be controlled by means of a remote. This pump also comes with leg levelers such that you can easily place it on uneven surfaces too. The inlet hole has a diameter of 1 ¼-inches and the outlet hole covers only 1-inches.

A pressure of 21 psi is generated in this pump to carry fuel from one place to another. Having a cast iron construction, it weighs only 48.8 pounds. Plus, the motor horsepower is 1/3 horsepower so you can carry out the job confidently.

Key Features:

  • With this brilliant pump to carry all your fuel, you can be transferring up to 25 gallons of fuel every minute.
  • The efficient motor is enclosed in a cast iron casing giving it rigidity and protecting it from the vagaries of nature.
  • You just do not need any sort of assembly in this.

2. Fill-Rite 115/230V Fuel Transfer Pumps

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The 300 series of the Fill-Rite pumps are built to conduct the most heavy-duty tasks. These pumps work effortlessly at a higher level and draw electric power accordingly. This is an energy-conserving pump, to begin with, and has an automatic power supply cut off after several minutes of inactivity. This is also a very safe pump to use as it has thermal overload protection which greatly helps in making the pump explosion-free.

Finally, the pump along with the motor has received approval from UL and you don’t need to worry about safety.

Key Features:

  • The pump motor runs at a huge power of ¾ hp.
  • This high-end pump can deliver up to 35 gallons of fuel every minute when working in prime condition.
  • The motor creates a pressure of 26 psi and can cause a suction lift of up to 18-ft when transferring diesel.

1. Goplus Electric Gasoline Transfer Pump

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The Gopulus 12V Transfer Pump is created to transfer inflammable liquid fuels such as gasoline, diesel, and so on. It works on a ball-bearing design which ensures that the pump does not require any lubricants to function smoothly. It is skillfully made thermal overloading proof. Therefore, it means that the pump automatically cuts off power when it gets overheated thus preventing explosions.

In order to avoid leak-outs, the nozzle is carefully padlocked. As a matter of fact, this whole pump is fully safe against any sort of explosion.

Key features:

  • The efficient pump can carry up to 20 gallons of fuel in a minute.
  • The motor runs at a rate of 2600 rpm and causes a maximum suction lift of up to 8-feet.
  • It can work over a period of 20 min at a go before it needs a break for the next set of actions.

Whenever we are on the road, the fuel transfer pump kits come in handy in any emergency situation. So, you never have to stay stuck in the middle of the road if you are running out of fuel.

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