Best Long Handle Stainless Steel Double Edged Safety Razors Reviews

Shaving is something that is an essential part of every man’s life. Although everyone doesn’t like clean shave look on their face. Still, regular use of razors is much necessary to maintain the styling. Maybe at the present time, you will prefer a modern razor running on electricity or battery. However, the original approach will never run out of fashion. If you love shaving on a classic razor, you should have a look at the list below which features double-edged safety razors.

Every single one in this list embraces the timeless double-edged safety razor design. And they will never fail to appeal to you in any way. All you need to do is read the reviews. It will be easier for you to choose the best one for your daily use.

Table of the Best Double Edged Safety Razors Reviews

10. Weishi Double Edged Safety Razors

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When it comes to grooming ranges, men have very few options and choices. Although nowadays you can see many new brands coming into existence with their new line of men’s grooming ranges. Shaving is a quintessential part of every man’s life. Thus, choosing the right set of the razor is equally important. Looking into this butterfly double edge safety razor, you will realize that this is made with excellent care and craftsmanship.

At 74g, the ergonomics of the razor is so well that it offers a clean shave in no time. It comes along with 5 numbers of stainless steel blades. You can use them over time for your smooth and safe shaving. Equip the blades in the razor the right way. And you will understand how beautifully it can shave off the beards every single time. Also, you can easily replace the blade when necessary. There is a twist knob opening at the bottom of the handle for replacing the blades.

Key features:

  • Innovative butterfly opening helps perfect the closing and opening of the razor.
  • It has cuprum metal for outstanding durability and reliability.
  • The long handle gives you much grip area and has a non-slip finish for more efficiency.
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9. Shaving Revolution Double Edged Safety Razors

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No man likes a shave that leaves behind dry skin, irritation, and other similar issues. Firstly, you will find only a few numbers of men opting for a clean shaved face. Secondly, if the shave makes your skin feel red and itchy, the whole process becomes all the more difficult. With this robust stainless steel double edge safety razor, you will get a closer shave without any irritation.

The smoothness of the shave this razor provides helps in eliminating redness, itchiness, and burns on your face. In addition to that, the quality of construction is quite fascinating as well. The highest quality materials are in use for the design, thereby making the razor strong, safe, and long-lasting.

Key features:

  • Easy maneuvering and grip are assured by the smart long handle.
  • A double edge design makes for safer use every single time.
  • The package includes as many as 10 Japanese stainless-steel blades.

8. Vikings Blade Double Edged Safety Razors

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For people who love holding on to the authentic approach in their lifestyle, this classic double edge safety razor will be a great choice. Made by the Vikings blade, it will mimic the feeling of the timeless razors in the modern era. Everywhere around us, new technology has been unfolding every day and the razors nowadays are also technologically superior. But, this safety razor still embraces authenticity with pride.

Medium-aggression design, the razor is very safe and sound for fast and efficient shaving. The 20% more weight in the body helps you have a better balance and right pressure. Also, the blades are 150% smoother for a clean and effortless shave even when you are in a hurry.

Key features:

  • With high-end materials, the heavier weight enhances the comfort of using it.
  • Beautiful leatherette and Alcantara case comes along with the razor pack.
  • Extremely eco-friendly, the razor is safe for you and the environment as well.

7. BAILI Double Edged Safety Razor

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No matter how many modern types of razors exist in the market, as a man, a wet shave is still a matter of glory and manliness. If you are looking for a perfect gift solution for your father or your friend, this elegant razor is an ideal solution. It is a perfect razor with a finish that will appeal to anyone and everyone. In terms of the shave, the brand uses a unique micro-comb system that improves the quality of the shave by great margins.

Delight yourself with a shave that will feel gentle and smooth but will never fail to impress you with its efficiency in any way. Moreover, you can enjoy a trial period of 30 days, and if you are unsatisfied you can always claim a full refund without any hassles.

Key features:

  • It offers the smoothest shaves by the platinum Swedish blade that comes in the package.
  • A beautiful travel case allows you to take it along in the journeys and get a shave without any hold-ups.
  • Quality construction with zinc-alloy and chrome plating saves it from risks of corrosion.
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6. Merkur 3-Piece Double Edged Safety Razor

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Bring home this beautiful and high-quality double-edged safety razor that has been made in Germany. And enjoy exciting shaving sessions. Lightweight and easy to use, this no-brainer safety razor goes with all kinds of double-edge blades without any restrictions. If you are into regular shaving but hold yourself back for the agitation and dryness, with this razor you will not face those after-effects.

Made with care, the shaves out of this razor are very smooth and precise and the unit as a whole is extremely durable and long-lasting.

Key features:

  • A long-handheld design has a non-slip grip for easy functionality and safety.
  • Straight cut close combing system for compatibility with a wide range of blades.
  • It comes along with sample blades so that it is ready to use out of the box.

5. Merkur 34C Double Edged Safety Razor

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Merkur is a popular name in the field of grooming products and the 34C razor is a prime example of why the brand is so well-known among the masses. Unlike, the last one in the list, the 34C has a different approach in the design but promises an equally beautiful shaving session.

It features a thoughtful short and extra-thick handle that improves the overall comfort of shaving out of it. On the top, the heavy head adds to the benefits and allows you to effortlessly carry on shaving without much pressure or involvement.

Key features:

  • Easy to use on a daily basis as the razor uses standard double-edge blades.
  • No amount of irritation will hamper your skin,
  • Very durable for long-lasting usage.

4. Vikings Blade Godfather Double Edged Safety Razor

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Excellently made for a shaving experience that is hard to find in the modern-day multi-blade razors, the Godfather edition does justice to the name the right way. Constructed out of premium and superb quality Swedish materials, from the touch and feel to the workability, everything is top-notch. Furthermore, you will get something that has been made with care and is also very inexpensive.

Indeed, a perfect combination of superior quality and value for money for day-to-day shaving. Feel more like a Viking among the corporate mass as the razor will also give you a leatherette and Alcantara case for storing it.

Key features:

  • A pack of Swedish 13C26 steel mild blades comes along with the double-edged safety razor.
  • Uses the cut-minimizing system for safer and more reliable shaving.
  • Traditionally designed razor head assures hefty and heavy-duty applications.
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3. Qshave Double Edged Safety Razor

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When technology and smartness combine with a classic and timeless razor, you get something like this. This adjustable double-edged safety razor has an approach of a very old-school razor but comes along with some new and innovative features. Design inspired by the Germans, the handle of this razor is adjustable and gives you the flexibility of adjusting the exposure level of the blade.

The exposure level can be set from 1 to 6, depending on the shave you would like to have. Zinc body is very durable and sturdy and over that, you get a matte chrome finish that perfectly enhances the looks. Also, you will get the USA-made 5 pieces of titanium-coated blades for regular shaving. The 3.5-inches of handle assures better control and better ergonomics in every situation.

Key features:

  • Close and comfortable shaving every time with the non-stage adjustable design.
  • The closed comb system offers a safer and smoother shaving experience always.
  • Always maintain the blade setting preference even after blade change with the snap top.

2. Parker 96R Safety Double Edged Safety Razor

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Not just the razor but along with the high-quality safety razor you will also get 5 premium blades from the same brand. Blades play an important role in shaving so opting for a high-quality blade is not only safer but also makes the process smoother. The razor, on the other hand, is made with great craftsmanship and good materials.

It features a genuine brass frame that promises to last a long time without any sorts of issues. The solid construction will make you feel surer when you are getting the shave.

Key features:

  • Very easy and effortless blade replacement is done by the twist-to-open butterfly doors.
  • Sure, and superb gripping is ensured by the textured handle of the razor.

1.Dorco Prime Double Edged Safety Razor

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This razor from Dorco is something that you will cherish having in your grooming range. Men love getting a shave from double edge razors and this one will never fail to impress you with the outstanding design and originality. The highest quality of shave in a classic manner every single time, with the Dorco razor you will get to experience the best of both worlds.

Over the years, the brand has paid attention to innovation and technological advancement but has always stayed true to its roots. The result? This extraordinary double-edged safety razor will reward you smooth shave regardless of your skin or beard type.

Key features:

  • High-quality signature stainless-steel blades from the same brand assure optimal functionality.
  • You will get a travel case fitted with a mirror for shaving on the move.
  • Brass body with chrome plating for good durability and dependability.

Now get clean and accurate shaving results just in few steps. The high-quality double-edged safety razors will certainly keep you away from danger as well.

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