Best Outdoor Indoor Wooden Dog Houses for Sale Reviews

If your dog loves spending time outside, then it is time you got a dog house. Dogs love spending time outdoors and playing. However, you can make them feel more comfortable by getting them a dog house. In the same manner, we feel comfortable and at peace at home, so do dogs in their houses. With time, dog houses turn out to be dog homes are dogs get comfortable and cozy inside. Choosing a quality dog house should not be difficult if you know what to consider.

First, you need an all-weather dog house that will protect your dog from harsh weather elements. The floors, walls and the roof must be waterproof and windproof. Dog houses also feature a door flap that allows easy entry and automatic closure. In this post, we will help you find a comfortable dog house. Our reviews narrow down your search to the following dog houses. Below are the 10 best dog houses on the market to consider buying:

Table of the Best Indoor/Outdoor Dog Houses Reviews

10. Precision Pet Extra Large Wood Dog House with Adjustable Feet

Dog Houses

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This is our first choice dog house and an all-weather resistant house to buy with confidence. The house features a unique raised design and sealed protective coating. Moreover, this house features an asphalt roof design to protect weather elements. This helps keep the house warm and dry at all times. The construction of the house features sturdy steel hardware and solid wood. It is pretty durable and long-lasting.

In addition, it comes with adjustable feet to create excellent stability on different grounds. Overall, this is a pretty versatile dog house. It is available in different sizes for small, medium, and large breed dogs. Besides, the assembly of the house is simple in three simple steps.


  • Beautiful tradition style
  • Easy assembly in three simple steps
  • Durable due to solid wood and steel hardware construction
  • Waterproof due to sealed protective coating

9. Suncast Outdoor Dog House for Small and Large Sized Dogs

Suncast Outdoor Dog House for Small and Large Sized Dogs

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The Suncast is another top brand dog house to consider buying. This is an attractive dog house to place in your patio, deck, or backyard. It is a great size house capable of accommodating dogs weighing up to 70lbs. Moreover, the dog house features a durable resin material construction for durability. This is a pretty safe dog house to keep your dog safe from all kinds of weather.

In addition, this dog house assembles pretty fast. It features a simple snap-together design for immediate use. Your dog will be using the house right away. Furthermore, the house comes with a sturdy vinyl door with easy walk in and out.


  • Easy walk in and out vinyl doors
  • Durable due to resin material construction
  • Weather-resistant thus keeping the dog warm and cozy
  • Attractive design to enhance your backyard

8. Giantex Waterproof Plastic Dog House with Air Vents and Elevated Floor

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This is another plastic dog house from the leading Giantex brand. It is a uniquely designed dog house with a ventilated design. The house stabilizes temperatures inside through efficient airflow. This is a safe and comfortable dog kennel to consider buying. Moreover, the house features a raised platform to prevent water from flowing inside. Apart from water, the elevated floor keeps away dirt and debris.

This is a perfect dog house suitable for small to medium-sized dogs. The house is also pretty easy to clean due to a detachable roof. You can detach the roof and clean the house with ease. Overall, this is a solid PP material dog house for long-lasting use.


  • Long-lasting use due to solid PP material
  • Stabilizes temperatures due to a ventilated design
  • Suitable size for small and medium-size dogs
  • The floor is elevated to keep out water and dirt

7. Petsfit Portable Wood Dog Houses

Petsfit Portable Wood Dog Houses

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This is simple and ready to go dog house. The house comes in a single piece without an assembly process. It is a foldable design dog house easy to store after use. It folds flat saving on storage space. In addition, this dog house features a removable top. This allows for easy cleaning and maintenance. Overall, this is a durable and solid dog house to buy right away.

Moreover, the house features a solid wood frame for long-lasting use. It is pretty sturdy and can support pets weighing up to 30 pounds. This is a versatile dog house safe for indoor and outdoor use. It is also harmless and does not feature any chemical finish.


  • Safe since there are no chemicals used
  • Ready to use without any assembly
  • Foldable and easy to store
  • Sturdy and solid wood frame

6. Indoor Outdoor Small & Large Dog House for All-Weather Doghouse Puppy Shelter

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This is another excellent dog house with a sleek modern design. It is a lovely design that makes the dog feel comfortable. The dog house is pretty small and compact for small and medium-sized dogs. Moreover, the house features a simple assembly process using just a screwdriver. It is an attractive dog house to enhance your outdoor décor. In addition, this dog house features smooth surfaces.

This allows for easy cleaning and maintenance. This, coupled with the raised floor, makes this dog house an exceptional choice to buy.


  • Keeps out water and dirt due to an elevated floor
  • Easy to clean due to smooth surfaces
  • Easy assembly with a screwdriver
  • Durable and solid construction

5. Giantex Indoor/Outdoor Wooden Dog House with Stairs

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This is another sturdy design wood pet house for both indoor and outdoor use. It is a premium house with fir wood construction. The house also features natural colour stain treatment for long-lasting use. It is a sturdy, stable, and solid dog house with a raised roof. The rooftop also features a flat surface where the dog can relax and bask in the sun. This is a uniquely designed two-tier dog house with railing for added safety.

Moreover, the house also comes with a wooden ladder for easy access to the top tier. Overall, this is an excellent dog house for small pets. It is also quick and easy to assemble in a few steps.


  • Unique two-tier design
  • Firwood construction with natural colour stain treatment
  • Easy steps for quick assembly
  • An appealing style that enhances your outdoor space

4. Insulated Wooden Dog House Lodge with Porch Deck

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This is another unique design dog house with a porch deck to consider buying. It is a quality dog house that will stand out. Apart from creating a comfortable place for your dog, this house will enhance your outdoor space. This is an extra-large dog house to buy today. It is safely elevated off the ground to keep out water and debris. The house also features an extended deck for the dog to relax during the day and enjoy the sun.

Overall, this is a solid fir wood house with excellent insulation. It keeps your pet warm and cozy in all weather conditions.


  • Solid fir wood construction
  • Well-insulated to keep dogs warm
  • Porch deck for basking in the sun
  • Prevents water and dirt due to excellent elevation

3. Best Choice Products Wooden Dog House for Small Dogs, Outdoor Kennel, Pet Shelter

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This is another protective design dog house with an all-weather resistant construction. The house features a sturdy fir wood construction. In fact, the fir wood used is water and weather-resistant for safe outdoor use. It is a solid house that can withstand harsh weather elements for long-lasting durability. Moreover, this house features an off-centre entryway and a slanted roof design.

This further helps protect the dog from harsh weather elements. For added protection, the house features a raised floor. Moreover, you can open up the roof for easy cleaning and maintenance.


  • Open roof design for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Solid fir wood construction
  • Weather and water-resistant
  • Slanted roof and off-centred door

2. ASL Solutions Doghouse for Medium & Large Dogs

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This is another sleek design dog house with a unique palace style. It is a pretty solid dog house with excellent floor and side insulation. The house features 2 to 4 inches of real foam insulation. Every panel of the house is well-insulated to keep your dog cozy and warm. Moreover, the house features a raised and insulated floor. The floor also features a slanted design with a drain hole for easy cleaning. In addition, there is a self-storing window. The window repositions for an opening during summer and closing during the winter.


  • Self-storing window
  • Excellent wall and floor insulation
  • Slanted floor with drain hole for easy cleaning
  • Self-closing door

1. Petsfit Outdoor Pet House with Escape Door and Stairs

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Are you instead of looking for a quality cat house? The Petfits cat house final on our list will make a great choice. It is a perfect cat house with excellent features. Since cats love to play a lot, the house features a front and back escape door. It is a simple design house ready to assemble. The house comes with pre-drilled holes for immediate assembly. Overall, this is another quality house with an asphalt rainproof roof to keep water out. It is a great design cat house capable of accommodating 1-3 cats.


  • Two doors
  • Easy assembly
  • Rainproof asphalt roof
  • Big enough to accommodate 1-3 cats

Final Verdict

In conclusion, these are the best dog houses on the market right now. Make sure you analyze them carefully and choose one for your dog today. Getting your dog a house is an excellent way of taking care of your dog. You will be giving the dog a home to shelter from snow, rain, the sun’s rays and much more.

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