Best Wide & Tall Metal Baby Gates for Stairs Reviews

Growing babies can be a nuisance. Keeping them safe from raised places is a great idea. This happens when you get a baby gate. The baby gates for stairs are gaining popularity courtesy of their versatile nature. Majority cone from quality metals like steel hence durable. Others come from hardwood and will still serve you well.

Since the market has hundreds of these gates, you might find it challenging to pick the type that meets your requirements. We are here to help you through so that you can have a functional Baby Gates for Stairs for your kid’s safety. We have selected the following 10 Best Baby Gates for Stairs Reviews for you. They have all the qualities that you would want in a baby gate. Surprisingly, the gates are inexpensive and hence a must-have security gate.

Table of the Best Baby Gates for Stairs Reviews

10. Regalo Stairway and Hallway Wall Mounted Baby Gates

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Our first selection is the Regalo 2-in-1 gate. It is a wall-mounted gate that stands 30.5 inches tall and expands between 29-43 inches wide. This gate is easy to mount since it comes with mounting hardware. Additionally, it is easy to remove for storage.

Apart from the adjustable nature of this gate that makes it versatile, the type also comes from high-quality materials. It is made from steel and hence a long-lasting gate. Lastly, the model comes with a safety lock for improved safety standards. The model is suitable for children from 6-24 months.


  • Made from steel and hence durable and rust-free
  • Easy to assemble and mount as it comes with a manual and a mounting hardware
  • Adjustable and thus great for kids between 6-24 months
  • Has a safety lock so that it stays locked
  • Versatile for pets as well

9. Summer Modern Home Decorative Walk Through Baby Gate – Extra Wide Gate for Pet & Babies

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This is another reliable gate for your kids’ safety. It adjusts through 28-42inches and stands 30″ tall to accommodate openings correctly. The gate has auto closed and open features so that it closes behind you in case you forget to close and hence improved safety for kids.

The gate works with the pressure mount bolts and hence no drilling or scratching the walls. This makes it suitable for use between rooms to keep your kids or even pets secure. Moreover, when the get is mounted with hardware, it will work correctly at the top and bottom of the stairs.


  • The auto-close and hold-open mechanism keeps the door open or simply closes behind you
  • Made from quality metals for durability.’
  • Adjusts between 28-42 inches to accommodate openings
  • Locks on pressure mount bolts hence no drilling in the walls

8. North States Baby Gate – Metal Wide Bay Gate

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When you have this North States Easy Swing & Lock Pet Gate, you stay worry-free since it works perfectly for securing your kids and even pets. The gate is strong and durable since it comes from quality steel. Therefore, the gate never rusts or corrodes. This means that you will have the gate for a long time.

The gate is also a simple design to use since it features a single latch that can be operated with one hand. More so, it adjusts between 28.68″ – 47.85″ wide and hence an excellent fit for more extensive spaces. It will serve you well for barriers through wider opening and other rooms. This is why the model works correctly for children between 6-24 months.


  • adjusts between 28.68″ – 47.85″ wide to cover more areas
  • Made from quality steel hence durable
  • Versatile for kids and pets
  • Easy to install and use

7. Regalo Extra Wide Stairway and Hallway Walk Through Baby Safety First Gate with Mounting Kit

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This gate comes with a mounting kit to make your work easy. It is suitable for both stairways and opens between 24-40.5 inches wide and stands 28.75 inches tall. This means that your kids or pets won’t go over it easily.

The gate is also adjustable and hence can be removed for storage. Besides, the type comes from quality steel, consequently durable and excellent value for money. Finally, the type comes with a safety lock and a suitable model for kids between 6-24 months.


  • opens between 24-40.5 inches wide and stands 28.75 inches tall
  • Made from quality steel for durability
  • Has a safety lock for additional safety
  • Versatile for kids and pets safety

6. Regalo Extra Tall Baby Gate for Stairway and Hallway

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This is another Regalo 2-in-1 Extra Tall Easy Swing Stairway and Hallway Walk through Baby Gate. It’s extra tall and measures 24-40.5 inches wide and stands 38 inches tall. This makes it suitable for stairways and openings and hence keeps kids safe.

The gate adjusts easily and can be removed for comes from quality steel hence durable. Other than its durability, the model is also hardware mounted for increased safety. There is also a safety lock feature that makes the gate safe for children between 6-24 months.


  • Wide and tall for versatility
  • Easy to set up and use with kids between 6-24 months
  • Made from steel hence durable
  • Has a safety lock for added safety

5. Summer Infant Baby Gate for Banister and Stair with Dual Installation Kit

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If you are searching for a gate with a dual installation kit, then this will be a great fit. It’s a bannister to bannister installation and won’t require drilling. This saves your walls and makes it easy to remove for storage. It is a versatile type that fits openings between 32” to 48” inches wide. This means it’s excellent for your stairways and other areas in your room.

Another great feature is the quick-release mechanism for quick reinstallation and removal for comes from Golden Cherry wood with amazing accents so that the decor in your home is improved.


  • Fits openings 32” to 48” wide and stands tall at 33″
  • Versatile for both kids and pets
  • Made from excellent quality wood that is very decorative
  • Features a quick-release mechanism for easy operation

4. Summer Top of Stairs Baby Gate

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Are you worried about your kid’s and pets’ security? Well, this is a gate that will ease you. It comes from quality metal hence durable. It’s suitable for wide spaces since it measures 29-42 inches wide and stands 30-inch tall. It fits accurately, and you won’t get extra tools for measurements.

The model is also an easy one-hand release type since it features a unique comfort grip handle. The white type is a dual lock type and also lightweight. It is versatile and hence a great deal for the money.


  • Made from quality metals for durability
  • Has a great one-hand handle for easy closing and opening
  • measures 29-42 inches wide and stands 30-inch tall for easy use
  • Easy to fit and use

3. Toddleroo by North States Wide Tall Bay Gate for standard stairways

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The North States is a fantastic gate that swings to self-lock. You will never worry about forgetting to lock it. This makes the gate a suitable deal for babies between 6-24 months. It’s a very stylish type crafted from quality metal with a white finish. Therefore, other than durability, this is one of the decorative gates you will want to have in your house.

The type is easy to use as it features a one-hand operation latch so that getting in and out becomes better. It arrives with all the tools you need for installation.


  • Measures 28.6″-47.8″ wide and 36″ high hence versatile
  • Stylish and durable type for home use
  • Suitable for kids and pets
  • Easy to open and close

2. Lemon Swinging Baby Gates for Stairs and Doorway – Indoor Safety Gates for Kids/Pets, Walk Through Extra Wide Tall Metal Gate

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This model comes with a customizable width that can extend to fit your required area. The ideal measurements are 30 and 40.2 inches wide and are 30 inches high. It comes with a safety locking hence great to secure babies. It comes from quality steel, therefore durable. Besides, the type is a self-closing type with ease of use.

Lastly, this gate is a versatile type for kids and pets. It is a pressure mounting type that saves your wall from damage.


  • Self-closing type hence safe
  • Easy to install and doesn’t damage the wall
  • Adjustable width, therefore, covers a wide opening
  • Durable construction from metal

1. KINGBO Pressure Mounted Baby Gate for Stair with Banisters – Pet Gate for Stairs

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Our last best review touches on KINGBO Baby Gate. This is a stylish gate designed form quality wood hence durable. It has a double locking mechanism to keep the babies safe. Additionally, the gate is easy to mount and use, and you don’t need tools to mount. The type feature banisters hence fit correctly to the stairs.

This is an adjustable gate and stands 30 in tall, fit stairways and openings measuring 29.5 to 32 in wide. This makes it a suitable deal for both babies and pets at home.


  • Made from quality wood for durability
  • Adjustable with to fit well
  • Easy to mount and remove for storage
  • Double locking system for extra safety


If you are searching for a gate that will lock your kids and pets within the required areas, then the 10 Best Baby Gates for Stairs Reviews have what you need. The prices are affordable, and the gates come from excellent quality materials for durability.

After going through the gates, we hope you have found at least one that excites you and ready to meet your requirements. Do not hesitate to buy it since this is the best deal for the money.

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